About Erica

Erica became a massage therapist in 2015. She specializes in deep tissue treatment and hot stone therapies. She has continued her education, taking many classes including lomi-lomi, thai yoga massage, reiki, and muscle specific deep tissue techniques. It is her passion to provide a healing balance to her clients through massage. Erica achieves the best results by using a combination of all of the massage modalities that she’s studied.

Erica is also trained as a certified yoga instructor which allows her to better understand body movement and assess injury and mobility restrictions. She understands how critical aftercare is for massage and gives her clients detailed instruction. She combines her treatment work with heat therapies, hot stones and warm towels to relax the body and relieve pain and discomfort.

When Erica is not doing massage she is hiking, camping, sewing, rafting, gardening, skiing and enjoying the outdoors!